Training Programe ON Wordpress Theme Development For Themeforest

Training Programe ON Wordpress Theme Development For Themeforest

Course Fee: 6000 Tk

Class Start: 02/01/2017

Overview: This article is about developing WordPress Themes. If you wish to learn more about how to install and use Themes, review Using Themes. This topic differs from Using Themes because it discusses the technical aspects of writing code to build your own Themes rather than how to activate Themes or where to obtain new Themes.


:: Class 1 ::

Introduction with the Students

Creating a Facebook Group and Discussion about the rules

Discussion About Freelancing and The Classes

Introduction to WordPress

Introduction to wamp & xamp

Installing wordpress in our own pc using wamp server

:: Class 2 ::

Complete idea about WordPress Dashboard

Introduction to WordPress Themes

Introduction to WordPress Plugins

:: Class 3 ::

Make a site using free theme and plugin (Contact form 7, facebook like box widget, Ultimate shortcode )

:: Class 4 ::

Basic HTML

Customizing a Premium WordPress Theme

Making a Professional Looking Website using Premium/Themeforest theme(menually + one click )

Providing a Public URL of Purchased Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

:: Class 5 ::

HTML TAGS (heading, paragraph, list, input, image, link, break)

HTML Attributes

WordPress Premium theme like demo ( menually )

:: Class 6 ::

Some Other Tags of HTML5

Usage of Form

Usage of Table

HTML Comments


Zen Coding

WordPress Premium theme like demo

:: Class7 ::

CSS Introduction

CSS (Color, Background-color, Margin, Padding)

:: Class 8 ::

CSS (Background Property, Float, Overflow, Position)

Some Other CSS Properties

:: Class 9 ::

Basic WebPage Design by HTML & CSS

Introduction to HTML5

Introduction to CSS3

Introduction to Fiverr

Tips & Secrets of Fiverr to Get Jobs

:: Class 10 ::

Header Design of Facebook Login Page

Create a gig in fiverr

:: Class 11 ::

Design Facebook Login Page Fully

Make the Facebook Login Page Responsive Using Media Query

:: Class 12 ::

Making some Programs Using Javascript

Introduction to Javascript

Difference Between Java & Javascript

Javascript Variables

Javascript String and Integer Values

Javascript Functions

If, else if, else

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery Functions (hide, show)

:: Class 13 ::

Toggle, SlideToggle

Click, Hover  and load Function

Make a Menu Responsive with jQuery SlideToggle Function

:: Class 14 ::

Attr, Append, After, Before  and Some Effective Functions of jQuery

Making some Nice Effects Using jQuery

:: Class 15 ::

Introduction to Photoshop

Slicing images from a Standard PSD file

Gathering Texts from a PSD file

Finding out the fonts used in a PSD Template

Introduction to Font Awesome and Some Other Font Icons

:: Class 16 ::

Getting Started with a PSD file to Convert into a Webpage

:: Class 17 ::

Finishing The PSD Design converting into HTML

Making the Design Responsive for All Devices

Sub Menu

:: Class 18 ::

Convert Another PSD Templates into Responsive Webpage

:: Class 19 ::

Introduction to PHP

Learning PHP till the End of the Course

Introduction to WordPress Theme Development

Develop a Very Basic WordPress Theme from an HTML Template

List of the Default Files of WordPress Themes and Their Usage

:: Class 20 ::

Functions of WordPress Themes

Custom Header

Custom Background

Menu Register

Introduction to Action Hook

Custom Templates

:: Class 21 ::

Sidebar Register

Custom Post type

Making a Slider and Some Sections Dynamic Using Custom Post Type

Introduction to Custom Taxonomy

Redux Framework

:: Class 22 ::

Redux Framework

:: Class 23 ::

Shortcode Register

Make a Complete Website Dynamic Using Custom Post Type, Shortcodes, Templates and Redux Framework

:: Class 24 ::

Custom fields and  cmb2 meta box

:: Class 25 ::

Converting a Premium HTML Template into WordPress theme

:: Class 26 ::

Converting a Premium HTML Template into WordPress theme

:: Class 27 ::

Converting a Premium HTML Template into WordPress theme

:: Class 28 ::

oDesk, Elance &  also fivesquid and People Per Hour Tips and Secrets

:: Class 29 ::

Live Project

:: Class 30 ::

Live Project

:: Class 31 ::

Live Project

:: Class 32 ::

Live Project