YouTube Video Marketing – Your Way To Monthly Passive Income

YouTube Video Marketing – Your Way To Monthly Passive Income

Course Fee: 10000 Tk

Class Start: 03/01/2017

Overview: >>>Who is the target audience? This Training Is Tailored For: Beginner Entrepreneurs or Small business ownersE-Marketing professionals or Marketing ManagerYouTube Professionals or Aspiring YouTubersSEO Professionals or Affiliate MarketersThose who are NEW to YouTube (Want to build their professional career as Youtube Video Marketer)


>>>What will you learn from this training?

  • Understand how to plan and structure a marketing video
  • Identifying what Keywords are and their value in web video optimization.
  • Figuring out what type of video you need to create and what Google likes!
  • Optimizing your videos for the greatest impact in search
  • Setting up your YouTube channel that makes Monthly Passive Income
  • Knowing the right way to use all On Page optimization techniques for your Video & Channel
  • Learning the right way to use effective Off Page optimization techniques for your Video to rank well
  • Understanding the Analytics on YouTube
  • Know how to views and subscribers from the correct use of annotations
  • Learn how to move your potential customer from your video directly to your webpage.
  • Discovering exactly how to give Google what they want, so it will rank your video in the Top
  • Turning YouTube into a source of income with Google Adsense.

Course Outline

Introducing the course and training objective to the participants

Module 1 . Getting started with Youtube: The Platform Overview

  1. a.       Introduction To Youtube
  • What is YouTube
  • Important recent changes
  • The future of YouTube – The power of Video as a content
  • Current state of YouTube (Global and Local)
  • Joining The YouTube Community


  1. b.      Account set up and configuration


  1. c.       Inside the Creator Studio: All main and sub sections will be elaborately explained
  • Dashboard
  • Video Manager
  • Live Streaming
  • Community
  • Channel
  • Analytics
  • Translations & Transcriptions
  • Create


  1. d.      Understanding Youtube’s Copyright Policies
  • Understanding YouTube's Content ID
  • How copyright can affect your monetization
  • How to take down stolen content
  • Protecting your content from being copied
  • Licensing
  • Policy management


Module 2 . Creating your YouTube Channel

  1. a.       Creating and managing your Channel
  • Channel Naming
  • Description
  • Channel Art & Profile Pictures
  • Links
  • Channel Optimization
  • Developing a plan for Channel growth

Module 3. Video Making Plan:

  1. a.      Research Phase Explained
  2. b.      Choosing the right tool and software
  3. c.       Exploring image, audio and video resources
  4. d.      Making video for personal use, local business, affiliate marketing and Adsense income
  5. e.       Making storytelling and explainer videos with the right tools
  6. f.        Video Styles & Techniques:
  • Types of video content
  • Length of content for marketing videos


Module 4. Video Optimization That Works

  1. a.      Keyword Research
  2. b.      Competitor Analysis
  3. c.       On Page Optimization for Video Content
  4. d.      Off Page Optimization
  5. e.       Outreach Strategies
  6. f.        Making a Video viral


Module 5. Youtube Video Ranking Factors – The Complete Overview (CheatSheet Explained)

Module 6: Making Money With Youtube – Career Opportunities using the platform

Opportunities are endless based on your area/industry of expertise, but we are still going to have a deeper look at the following:

  1. a.      Making money with Adsense
  2. b.      Generate income as an Affiliate Marketer

Freelance Marketplace opportunities as a Youtube Marketer